About AmeriScan

  • SocioDynamics for Today’s Marketplace!

    • The next step beyond “Psychographics”

    • Establishes links between demographic, social, psychological, and cultural characteristics

    • A powerful tool for identifying consumer segments and how to communicate with them

    • Provides an in-depth understanding of consumers while identifying factors underlying behavioral patterns


How AmeriScan Can Be Incorporated In Your Research Studies:

• AmeriScan utilizes a series of survey questions that measure respondent attitudes, motivations, influences, values, etc. These questions are added to your survey questionnaire.

• The answers to these questions are processed through a unique algorithm to place respondents into one of ten AmeriScan “Cells”. For a broader analysis, these cells are also grouped into the four AmeriScan quadrants.

• The AmeriScan cells and quadrants are then built into your survey database, providing the ability to cross-reference your survey questions against AmeriScan.

• In the United States, the AmeriScan system is available exclusively from Marshall Marketing.